Time Wounds All Heels - The Powdermonkey’s

Label:Dogmeat Records
Highlights:Insane Old Game
Wasn’t Born Yesterday
Straight Until Morning
The Supernova That Never Quits
2000 Sins

Rating: 8.5/10

Melbourne’s Powdermonkeys sure pack a punch. For their second album, Time Wounds All Heels, they sacrificed technical proficiency for raw power and as a result the sound is suitably ‘live’ and in your face, making for a powerful listening experience. From the very start, The Powdermonkeys get down to business, peaking in the explosive The Supernova That Never Quits and finishing with the punishing 2000 Sins, all while never giving an inch. Alongside the usual ‘Detroit’ influences of The Stooges, MC5 and Radio Birdman; Motorhead and AC/DC can be also heard loudly reverberating throughout the Powdermonkeys sound, which means that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Powdermonkey’s aren’t the most subtle band. However, their brand of no bullshit punk rock is far more dangerous than that of the many pretend punk bands you hear today.

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